Том 21, № 3 (1) (2018)



International Workshop «Climate change adaptation and mitigation: sustainable agriculture and health security» (01–05 October, Birobidzhan, Russian Federation) PDF
Elena A. Grigorieva 7-8


Increasing temperature extremes and thermal discomfort over southern India: concerns for human health PDF (English)
Amit G. Dhorde, Manasi Desai 9-12
Spatial-temporal patterns of travel climate comfortable period in Northeast China from 1981 to 2010 PDF (English)
Yezhi Zhou, Juanle Wang, Elena A. Grigorieva 13-16
Factor temporary forecast of socially signifi cant morbidity in Primorsky Krai PDF (English)
Svetlana A. Lozovskaya, Gurami Sh. Tsitsiashvili, Natalia G. Stepanko, Evgeniy I. Bolotin, Elena V. Izergina, Artur R. Pogorelov 17-21
Weather dependence of patients with respiratory pathology at the south of Primorsky Krai PDF (English)
Tatiyana I. Tatiyana I. Vitkina, Lyudmila V. Veremchuk, Elena A. Grigorieva, Tatiyana A. Gvozdenko 22-25
Climate and children with bronchial asthma: a case study for the Russian Far East PDF (English)
Elena A. Grigorieva, Evgeniy N. Suprun 26-29
Elderly mortality and climate at the Russian Far East PDF (English)
Elena A. Grigorieva, Anna B. Sukhoveeva 30-33
Human parasites in the Amur River: the results of 2017–2018 fi eld studies PDF (English)
Yulia V. Tatonova, Daria A. Solodovnik, Hung Manh Nguyen 34-36
Climate change and its threats to sustainable agriculture PDF (English)
M. Qasim Jan, Khazima Muazim, Arshad Ashraf 37-40
Carbon sequestration potentiality and its economic analysis of different land use systems in the northern part of Bangladesh PDF (English)
M.S. Bari, M.B. Abubakar, M.S. Rahman 41-45
Coping with fl ashfl ood under changing climate in north-eastern haor areas of Bangladesh: potentials of promising crop production practices PDF (English)
Md Anwarul Abedin, Umma Habiba 46-50
Agroforestry biotechnology for sustainable agriculture on marginal lands PDF (English)
Sang-Soo Kwak 51-53
Role of Weather Modifi cation Technology in climate change adaptation: Indonesian case PDF (English)
Tri Handoko Seto, Andi Eka Sakya, M. Bayu Rizky Prayoga, Faisal Sunarto 54-57
Salinity intrusion and coastal agriculture: adaptation strategies using salt-tolerant plant-growth promoting rhizobacteria for sustainable food security PDF (English)
Shahnaz Sultana, Sumonto C Paul, Muhammad Manjurul Karim 58-61
Effects of long-term fertilization on Strontium (Sr) and Vanadium (V) in agricultural soils of Primorye in Russia under climate change PDF (English)
Yuliya A. Kosheleva, Yana O. Timofeeva 62-66
Ammonia-oxidizing bacteria respond to multifactorial global change PDF (English)
Marina L. Sidorenko 67-69
Land reclamation and transformation of fl oodplain-channel complexes at the Middle Amur Lowland PDF (English)
Andrey V. Anoshkin, Vitaliy A. Zubarev 70-74
Signs of climate change in Afghanistan: drought and its effect on agriculture PDF (English)
Rafiullah Nasrati 75-81
Phenophase shifts across elevations on major mountains in North China PDF (English)
Junhu Dai, Mengyao Zhu, Huanjiong Wang, Quansheng Ge 82-88
Grassfi re forecast at agricultural lands of the Jewish Autonomous Region PDF (English)
Vladimir A. Glagolev, Anna M. Zubareva, Elena A. Grigorieva 93-97
Risk management in agriculture and adaptation to climate change PDF (English)
Tatiana A. Potenko, Alexey N. Emelianov 98-100
Environmental migration: essence, problems and possible solutions PDF (English)
Azyk Orozonova 101-103
Ethics: ensuring food security in the era of climate change PDF (English)
Zabta K. Shinwari 104-107
International instruments in the fi eld of climate change PDF (English)
Gulzar Karybekova 108-111
Iran’s commitments toward meeting the goals of Paris Agreement: harnessing the global temperature rise PDF (English)
Yousef Sobouti 112-114
Building resilience and poverty alleviation through tilapia-based skills and livelihood development in Northern Mindanao PDF (English)
Proserpina G. Roxas, Elgin M. Arriesgado, Lee-Marc C. Alia, Floremie Bagayna, Merriam Danielle P. Gomez, Daniel M. Gonzales, Mark Anthony J. Navarro, Victor M. Navarro, Eugene P. Moleño, Aida D. Perpetua, Roseller G. Sabilla 115-117
Sustainable intensifi cation of agricultural systems in Iran for adaptation to climate change: opportunities and challenges PDF (English)
Abdolmajid Mahdavi Damghani 118-123
Perceptions and responses to climate change: understanding adaptation strategies and multi-level capacities in northern Bangladesh using livelihood resources PDF (English)
Iffat Ara 124-131
Impacts of natural disasters on farms and farmers in Malaysia PDF (English)
Muhammad Ali, Norsida Man, Farrah Melissa Muharam 132-135
An evaluation of risk adaptation practices by farmers in Malaysia PDF (English)
Muhammad Ali, Norsida Man, Farrah Melissa Muharam 136-139